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Website Creation

Logo Design

A custom-designed and developed website is ideal for business. VQMarketing can help you optimize your site for good search engine rankings, custom-tailor the look and feel to appeal to your target audience, reinforce your company's image and ensure that your content is easily accessible and the user experience enjoyable. 

Your logo,  symbols and images all play an important role in how your potential clients will perceive you. No matter where you're found online, your clients should get a sense for who you are and why they should hire you. 
Whether you need help developing a logo or you want to completely revamp your online brand, we are here to help you develop a strategy to take your business identity to the next level. 

Marketing Video Creation

Online Marketing

People are twice as likely to watch a short video more than they read lengthy content. If you want to really explain your site, services or products, a video is a great way to introduce your audience to what you do and why you are special.
Our video services range from custom marketing video creation to strategic video marketing on social media. The power of video for referral traffic and website conversions is undeniable. Let us help you develop a video strategy that increases your bottom line.
We help promote your content by sharing it online socially and syndicating it across the web. The more visibility you get, the more your brand, website and services get seen. A successful online marketing campaign can help increase your organic search engine traffic (through increased links back to your site), as well as referral traffic (through direct clicks to your site).


Hear what our clients have to say...
"Vision Quest Marketing saved my business. They got me online, got me business and I don't know where I'd be without them."

  - Victor Lewis El (Easy Transitions 101)
"Vision Quest got my phone ringing and helped me focus on making my clients happy."

 - Shanelle Walters 
(Your Mama's Housekeeping)
"I've paid good money in the past on other marketing and advertising companies and frankly I was doubtful that VQMarketing would live up to the challenge. I was WRONG! They are now a valueable asset to my company."

- Michael Hogan (Wooden Nickel Capital Grp)

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